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Because your toxic habits and addictions will lead you to living (and struggling) through an empty, meaningless life while you see others living the life of your dreams, and do you really want to go through life knowing that you were never good enough to enjoy the life of the 1%?

The answer is obviously no.

If you're here, I know you're struggling with a toxic habit that's draining the life out of you, but you do dream of quitting one day so you can finally feel free again...

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My name is Jak Piggott and I'm an expert on breaking bad habits and replacing them with good habits so you can stop living the meaningless, empty life you feel on a daily basis.

I've completely turned my life around since 2021, replacing and breaking all of my bad habits and addictions such as porn, fapping, and scrolling on social media for hours upon hours.

I haven't gone back to those bad habits ever since, allowing me to live my dream life on my OWN terms. 

I realized how down bad I was back then, so I've made it my life's purpose to helping young guys just like you take back their lives...

I haven't just done this for myself, I have helped multiple young people just like you overcome their bad habits and fulfill their ultimate potential ⬇️ 



"Speaking from today, my whole life has completely changed, being able to talk with Jak and other members in a group, that truly changed my life"


“I came into this journey with very little confidence. Through weekly chats and weekly modules Jak has helped me gain the confidence I need to improve my lifestyle. He’s expertise and patience helps you grow quickly and smoothly’


"The Breakthrough alongside Jak became my saving grace when I was truly at my lowest and now I feel much better having implemented the lessons into my daily routine. It is worth every single dollar"


"The Breakthrough provides valuable knowledge, and it has helped me grow tremendously."



"I have been very impressed by how practical this program is, it can change lives of you let it"


5 months ago I was constantly slacking off and couldn't let go of my problems. The Breakthrough has helped me gain a new mindset, a mindset that is impeccable as well as tones of knowledge. 


"The Breakthrough was a very practical approach to a self-improvement journey. The lessons were quick, can relate to anyone, and were easily understandable the first time. I've implemented a whole new set of daily habits and significantly decreased my negative ones."


"The Breakthrough is a great program for changing your mentality and perspective on life, I think when your in a community where people are striving to better themselves, it's a better way of staying motivated and focused rather than trying to do it by yourself"


"The Breakthrough has allowed me to alter my mindset from a negative one into a positive one. I have been able to overcome my addictions through this. The videos are short and informative so are the worksheets as well. The community is really good as well as we are all trying to build ourselves up in a positive way and are able to help each other through all our hurdles, Jak is also very active so you are able to also message him about any problems and he replies quickly"

Do you realize that YOU could see the same results if you were quit your porn, vaping and social media addictions? Every minute you wait is another minute you live feeling empty and worthless, dragging yourself through "life" without any meaning or purpose, addicted to your toxic habits, ashamed to even look at yourself in the mirror

9 out of 10 young men are addicted to porn, vaping, and social media!

According to the National Association of Psychology Today, 97% of all young men are addicted to some kind of harmful substance. This is a growing problem in modern society, and you NEED to escape as fast as possible.

If you're still here, I know you're serious about turning your life around, and that means The Breakthrough is perfect for you...

Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get Inside The Breakthrough...


* You'll shave years off the learning curve, skipping past all the mistakes and obstacles along your way, fast-tracking your dream life and breaking those bad habits today

* You'll have a step-by-step formula to follow so you can avoid all of the struggles and frustrations that comes with quitting your addictions

* You won't be left alone feeling regret and frustrated at yourself after you relapse on NoFap, hit your vape again, or waste hours mindlessly scrolling on social media

* You'll save thousands of dollars because this is the only program you'll ever need to break free from your addictions and adopt the habits built for your dream lifestyle

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It is very likely that you go for the rest of your life where you are now, struggling with your addictions day in and day out


* When you break free from your bad habits, you will feel a new level of self-confidence and attractiveness you have never experienced before

* When you break your addiction, think about how you'll look at yourself in the mirror, feeling proud and confident in your own skin

* See yourself with unshakeable self confidence that immediately eliminates your constant fear to speak to or approach other people

So Here's The Bottom Line With The Breakthrough:

You get the hand-held program that will walk you step-by-step through breaking your toxic addictions. You get all the insiders-only information on how to build good habits that will allow you to start living your dream life as soon as today. You get the exact blueprint you need to succeed!

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BONUS #1: Build Your Dream Body All-In-One Guide

When you purchase my program, "The Breakthrough", you also get instant access to a FREE workout guide to build your dream body in 2023. You get exclusive access to my personal workout plan, the best supplements to use, and my secret tips to lose weight and build muscle fast

Real Value: $109 - $197

BONUS #2: Weekly Group Meetings

Once per week you'll meet with myself and other members of the program to discuss your progress and any questions you may have 

Real Value: $350 - $450

BONUS #3: An Invite To Join My Private Discord Community

You'll become a member of my invite-only members community which is only with people aspiring to become the best version of themselves so we can up-level and grow together!

Real Value: $347 - $407

BONUS #4: How To Build True Confidence

I'll show you how to build unshakeable confidence to attract like-minded people as well as high value females so you can actually build long lasting relationships that benefit your life. This bonus alone is worth 10 times the small cost of my program.

Real Value: $197 - $307

BONUS #5: How To Eliminate Fear And Anxiety

I'll walk you through step-by-step on how I conquered my social anxiety and how I use it to thrive in social situations without having to put in any extra hard work

Real Value: $97 -$137

BONUS #6: How To Find Your Life's Purpose

I'll show you exactly how to find a purpose which will give you a reason to wake up every single morning feeling motivated and excited (which will translate to your addictions being out the window :)

Real Value: $147 - $227

BONUS #7: How To Eliminate The Fear Of Judgement

I'll re-wire your brain to instantly turn other people's opinion into power and motivation to fuel you on your journey to quitting your bad habits and finding meaning in your life

Real Value: $137 - $207

BONUS #8: Communication Skills

So once you've got your confidence down pat, I'll teach you some of my secret techniques to keep a conversation flowing with anybody 

Real Value: $37 - $97

BONUS #9: How To Conquer Self Doubt Once and For All

I'll also show you exactly how to turn your constant self-doubt into energy, motivation, and fuel to reach your goals as fast as possible 

Real Value: $97 - $187

As you can see, these bonuses have a total value of between $1,518 and $2,216... but they're yours when you act now!

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As you can see all the risk is squarely on my shoulders, so....


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P.S. - Every minute you wait is another minute you live feeling empty and worthless, dragging yourself through "life" without any meaning or purpose, addicted to your toxic habits, ashamed to even look at yourself in the mirror

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