If You're Ready To Break Free From The Chains Of Your Bad Habits And Start Living The Life Of Your Dreams...

Then go ahead and watch the 19 minute free training below, and if you can't watch a video that tests your attention span for 19 minutes, how do you expect to have the discipline to break your bad habits?

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Brother, if you want to become a man of pure confidence, who can attract a beautiful woman with absolute ease (and keep her), waking up doing something you love every single day...

AKA: Your dream life

You must first eliminate the toxic habits that are holding you back from reaching your full potential...

Here's why...

Your bad habits are leading you down a life of misery, dragging yourself out of bed each morning without any meaning or purpose. While you compare yourself to the 1% of men who have conquered their minds to overcome lust and the toxic habits that you're indulging in on a regular basis...

You're currently at the bottom of the social hierarchy brother, and society wants you to stay exactly where you are, and at the moment you're letting them win!

Do you really want to stay at the bottom the rest of your entire life? Waking up every morning to pay your duties at your shitty and unfulfilling job, dying early due to poor health, and never having the opportunity to meet the type of people your younger self dreamed of, do you want that bro?

Of course you don't. Not a single man under the age of 25 does.

Luckily for you, I've found a path of liberation out of this meaningless, empty life we've been portrayed as "normal."

4 years ago, I was laughed at by a girl in my year level on my 4th day of high school due to my face going bright red in front of her when I tried to spark a conversation, which absolutely killed my confidence. This loneliness led to me discovering pornography and becoming consumed by it.



After a year of addiction, my anxiety only grew, I hated school, and I'd spend my afternoons playing video games to escape my feeling of loneliness, just to do it all again...

Then if we fast forward today (4 years later), I've built the physique of my dreams (still growing of course), I get to wake up each morning and make money creating inspiring content that changes thousands of lives...

I've built remarkable relationships with other brothers that are on the same path as you and I. 

I genuinely feel that I can relate to someone now, unlike my past self. 

And I'm still in high school brother, if I can do this you can to, I am simply sharing my accomplishments to hopefully inspire you to take action yourself...

I don't think you see the opportunities that are out there waiting for you,

Opportunities to start making money doing something you love, opportunities to meet your dream girl, there is so much out there bro,

Your dream life is a life beyond imagination, and it's my duty to help you get there, as FAST as possible...

What qualifications do I have? 

Nothing other than that I've done what you want to do, I am where you want to be, and I have the exact tools and guidance to help you cross that bridge into your new life you've been wanting to cross for so long...


We are going to make this happen for you inside what we call "The Breakthrough"

The Breakthrough is the ultimate experience for aspiring, young men, just like you, to break free from the chains of addiction and empower them with the habits that fast-track them towards the life of their dreams, climbing the social hierarchy to experience the endless benefits YOUR dream life withholds...

You'll transform from a boy that:

  • Has had his divine masculine energy drained from drowning himself in porn for months, or even years...
  • Shows very little confidence in himself, passing up on opportunities that could have potentially landed him his dream girl...
  • Uses his phone, the digital world and social media to compare himself to other men, making him feel even worse about his life and waste his most precious asset - time, watching useless videos that only digs his whole to misery deeper

To a strong, fulfilled man that:

  • Is totally free of porn, transmuting his newly found sexual energy to create a life of abundance, peace, purpose and fulfillment
  • Displays a distinct level of self-confidence, separating himself from other men in regards to women and forming relationships that 10x the quality of his life 
  • Has totally broken free from his bad habits, and now he's using that time and energy to create a future that inspires the life out of him, providing for his family and leaving his mark on the world

❌ Purposeless

❌ No confidence in school

❌ Skinny and unattractive

❌ Embarrassed to look himself in the mirror due to his bad habits

✔️ Inspired to wake up every single morning, making money online serving others

✔️ Physically fit (which comes with more attraction)

✔️ Naturally confident

✔️ Smiles because he is proud of the man he's becme

This is by no means to brag brother, but this is the life you will live when you finally decide to break free from the chains of your bad habits that have been holding you back for so long...

And I haven't just done this for myself, I have helped hundreds of young men just like you break their bad habits, and start living the life of their dreams ⬇️



"I've been apart of The Breakthrough for 6 months now, it is bloody excellent. Whether your trying to break a bad habit, a porn addiction, or to just improve yourself as a man. I can't recommend The Breakthrough enough"



"On my journey I've been struggling with a couple of urges and bad habits, then I decided to work with Jak, he helped me from A-Z in terms of shifting my identity and breaking these bad habits for good. If you're on the fence about working with Jak, just know you're going to get 10-100x in value of what you pay."



"I've quit all my bad habits since joining, I've started a business and made 5x the goal for the entire year. His method is flawless, I don't even have urges to do my bad habits anymore. If that doesn't show you how valuable the program is, I don't know what will"



"Speaking from today, my whole life has completely changed, being able to talk with Jak and other members in a group, that truly changed my life"



"Joining The Breakthrough is one of the best decisions I've made. It's hard to find a group of like-minded people who want to take action. But the people inside this community are always here for you and always supporting you. It's definitely worth it to join The Breakthrough"



"I was chronically addicted to pornography and smoking cigarettes until I discovered The Breakthrough, I would recommend it to anyone who is striving to be a better version of themselves, to give this program a try"



 "Jak's advice is applicable in many ways, and the community has great energy, we're always motivating each other, and I've made a few new friends, I would recommend The Breakthrough to anyone"



"I joined The Breakthrough about 3 or 4 months and I've learnt a lot. Mainly what to do when I'm bored. I started working out, and the weekly calls make it a lot of fun, I highly recommend it"


“I came into this journey with very little confidence. Through weekly calls and  modules Jak has helped me gain the confidence I need to improve my lifestyle. He’s expertise and patience helps you grow quickly and smoothly’


"The Breakthrough alongside Jak became my saving grace when I was truly at my lowest and now I feel much better having implemented the lessons into my daily routine. It is worth every single dollar"


"The Breakthrough provides very valuable knowledge, and it has helped me grow tremendously."



"I have been very impressed by how practical this program is, it can dramatically change lives of you let it"


"The Breakthrough is a very practical approach to a self-improvement journey. The lessons are quick, can relate to anyone, and were easily understandable the first time. I've implemented a whole new set of daily habits and significantly decreased my negative ones since joining."


5 months ago I was constantly slacking off and couldn't let go of my problems. The Breakthrough has helped me gain a new mindset, a mindset that is impeccable as well as tones of knowledge which I applied to better my life

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Look, I could fill out this whole page with results young men just like you have been getting inside The Breakthrough. But I know you get the point...

Let's be real, every day you wait, saying "I'll start tomorrow" (even though that's never worked) is another minute you live your life feeling empty and worthless, dragging yourself through "life" without any meaning or purpose, addicted to your bad habits, ashamed to even look at yourself in the mirror

9 Of 10 Young Men Are A Slave To Porn, Vaping, and Social Media.

According to Psychology Today, 87% of young men in 2023 watch porn, vape or spend more than 8 hours on social media every single day. 

This is a growing problem, and you need to escape this as fast as possible if you want to a live a life your friends, your family, your classmates, and 99% of society will only dream of living.

You can be the man that brings your family together,

You can turn your last name into a social icon,

A last name that will continue to inspire for decades, even centuries,

All because you chose a different path than those around you,

This is what The Breakthrough offers you...

Here Are Some More Members Seeing Tremendous Results Inside The Breakthrough...


"The Breakthrough is a great program for changing your mentality and perspective on life, I think when your in a community where people are striving to better themselves, it's a better way of staying motivated and focused rather than trying to do it by yourself"


"The Breakthrough has allowed me to alter my mindset from a negative one into a positive one. I have been able to overcome my addictions through this. The community is really good as well as we are all trying to build ourselves up in a positive way and are able to help each other through all our hurdles, Jak is also very active so you are able to also message him about any problems and he replies quickly"


"The Breakthrough's community has been the most uplifting thing I have ever experienced. It is diverse enough that to whatever struggle you may have we all have our different perspectives and offer great advice. I'm so glad to be apart of it"


"The Breakthrough's community is only comprised of members who have joined The Breakthrough. In the community, members find a “safe space“ where they can open up about problems they are facing and solicit information and feedback from others in the group. The membership varies in age and life experiences. Members share their strategies for success and Jak remains available for answer questions, either in the chat or via DM. Participants have found common bonds through gym progress, content creation, sports and even books and hobbies. The community is a place of remarkable comradery, support and encouragement to those working The Breakthrough."

Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get Inside The Breakthrough...


* You'll shave years off the learning curve, skipping past all the mistakes and obstacles along your way, fast-tracking your dream life and breaking those bad habits today

* You'll have a step-by-step formula to follow so you can avoid all of the struggles and frustrations that comes with quitting your addictions 

* You won't be left alone feeling regret, shame, and frustrated at yourself after you relapse on NoFap, hit your vape again, or waste hours mindlessly scrolling on social media

* You'll save thousands of dollars because this is the only program you'll EVER need to break free from your addictions and adopt the habits built for you to start living your dream life.

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And If You Don't Act Now Bro...

You will continue to be a slave to modern day addictions. You'll be the exact same person you are right now this time next year. Is that what you want? Because if you don't act now, then when will you? 

* When you break free from your bad habits, you will feel a new level of self-confidence and attractiveness you have never experienced before, you'll find attracting beautiful women is so much easier due to your level of newly found self confidence. Your friends, family and your peers will look up to with respect, rather than seeing you as a guy who let his potential go to waste

* When you break free from your addictions, think about how you'll feel to look yourself in the mirror, feeling proud and confident in your own skin, knowing you've escaped your old self and on your way to a life filled with abundance and prosperity

* And when you break free from your bad habits, you'll see yourself with an unimaginable amount of energy and motivation, fast-tracking your success and getting ahead of 99% of your competition, FAST

So Here's The Bottom Line With The Breakthrough...

You get a hand-held program and a brotherhood-like community of ambitious young men to guide you through the process of quitting porn and instant gratification that are holding you back from living the life you deserve,

You get all the insiders-information on how to break free from your bad habits today.

And you get the opportunity to network with brothers who were struggling just like you, to help you get to where you want to be every step of the way.

You get the exact blueprint you need to succeed.

You get all of this for only $49…

You literally spend this on a designer shirt nowadays to artificially increase your level of confidence,

The Breakthrough helps you build the life where confidence comes easily and naturally...

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