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The Breakthrough

Are you ready to say goodbye to the bad habits that have kept you imprisoned in mediocrity for so long? Are you ready to step into a new life full of abundance, joy and success, waking up every single morning knowing that you're leaving your mark on the world? If you felt a little tingle as you were reading that, it's sign you're destined for a life of the 1%, which means The Breakthrough and our brotherhood-like community is perfect for you...

Some people ask me why The Breakthrough is not free. "Oh Jak I don't have the money, just make it free bro" Let me ask you a serious question that will change your whole perspective...

Would you want to sit at a table with bums who had no ambition and killed your motivation to succeed?

Falling back into degeneracy and never being able to get yourself out of it?

Of course not, unless you want to live a miserable life full of regrets.

But what if you sat at a table with young men that share the same vision as you, progressing and helping each other along the way, while learning from men at the same table who have done exactly what you intend to do and guiding you through every obstacle you will face on your journey. 

How much is that worth bro?

It is not free, I can tell you that.

I invested $12,000 when I was 15 years old to start my first ever business, I emptied my bank account of $2000 from all my Christmas money and went into $10k worth of debt..

But it was the best decision I made in my life, and it is the reason I am where I am today, all at the age of 17 years old,

They say "no risk, no rari" for a reason brother. You must be willing to take risks to be successful in this world, there is to much competition if you settle for average.

That's one of the reasons I charge a one time payment of only $49 for our community, and so much more that comes with The Breakthrough.

You have the ability to network with young men who are serious about their growth, men who want you to succeed and want the best for you because they share the same vision which is so rare in today's world...

Unlike most of the people who would be in a "free" community.

I promise you this will be the best $49 you invest in your life.

Because if you continue slaving away to your toxic habits, you will never become the man you need to become to start living your dream life.

But inside The Breakthrough, myself and hundreds of other young men will help you channel your energy into newly found habits and take you by the hand towards success, whatever success looks like to you.

The price of The Breakthrough increases by $1 every member, so once we hit another 100 new members inside our community, we raise the price another $100,

We do this because we want this kept as inclusive as possible, we don't want our community degrading because members aren't serious and are not truly dedicated to living their best life.

Raising the price is the only way we can ensure that does not happen...

Let me remind you of what you'll get your hands on when you join The Breakthrough today:

  • 35+ modules and worksheets to help you build the foundation for your new life and escape your empty, unfulfilling past life, breaking your bad habits and empowering you with new ones, I'll personally help you through these whenever you need guidance (I personally update the modules every single month with new knowledge I have gained)
  • Access to our community, a community of like-minded young men who have an ultimate ambition to live their life to their fullest potential. This is not just a regular ass discord server full of immature teenagers, this is the real deal.
  • 2 weekly group face-face meetings inside our community so we can help you stay on track, answer any questions you may have, and just have a hell of a time together!
  • Access to 9 different bonuses that are priced at a total of $1,995, but you can have them all today for just $49
  • 24/7 access to me so I can make sure you get the most out of this experience!

As soon as you purchase The Breakthrough, you'll get an email with your unique password that you'll use to login and get access to everything The Breakthrough has to offer, including my step-by-step training and our private community.

If you have any questions about this experience, please DM me on Instagram (@jak.piggott)

Can't wait to have you as part of our tribe brother!